"When the Moon Split."

When the Moon Split (A Biography of Prophet Muhammad) - COMPILED BY : SAFIUR RAHMAN MUBARAKPURI

The Title of the book ; "When the Moon Split", refers to one of the significant miracles of the Prophet (sal) when the Quraysh (i.e. the polytheists) demanded a miracle to prove His Prophethood.

The following Hadith from Sahih Al - Bukhari confirms it.

Narrated Anas (rali) : "The People of Makkah asked the Prophet (sal) to show them a sign (miracle). So He showed them (the miracle) of the cleaving of the moon."

Inked about the noble Prophet Muhammad (sal); the last & final messenger to all mankind, this book is a must read  for Muslims as well as  Non - Muslims around the globe. Accurate & easy to understand, the author presents a straightforward account of the Prophet's life. What I really loved about the book was the style employed in writing it.

The Prophet (sal) is indeed the epitome of beautiful character & demeanor. He was honest, truthful, trustworthy, wise, loving, kind to all those around Him, patient during hardships, humble during victory, modest, simple, just & merciful to those who wronged Him. Thus, He earned the love, loyalty & respect of everyone around him.

"O people! By God, I have been to the courts of kings & seen the splendour of Caesar, Chosroes, & Najaashi, but by God never have I seen any king so revered as Muhammad. I noticed that if He spat, his companions ran to get the spittle on their hands & rubbed it on their hands & faces. If He asked for anything, they vied to comply with His order; if He performed ablution, they struggled to get the water He had used, & if He spoke, everybody listened rapt. Nobody dared even to look straight into His eyes."

The above is the account from a polytheist who witnessed the interaction between the Prophet (sal) & his companions.

Above all, His love for Allah surpassed everything & His mission was to spread the truth of Islam to mankind.