The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho



If you asked me to name some of the books which topped my wishlist; "The Alchemist" would be one of them. I have to confess that it's been a year since i bought this book at a book sale and i still couldn't get my hands on it because i didn't want to cheat on the other books i was currently reading!!! And at last, when i did get to read it, Paulo Coelho didn't dissapoint me.


The book was UNLIKE any other book i've ever read. It was not what i expected. It was different. Beautifully different.... At first glance, It's a story of Santiago; a shepherd boy on a quest for treasure at the Egyptian Pyramids. But when you delve in deeper, there's much more to it than any treasure hunt. Santiago encounters various people throughout his journey, each having an impact on his quest. It enlightens the reader about the life lessons he learns in his pursuit for treasure. 

It's a story about magic,courage,wisdom, determination, love ,taking risks , about listening to our hearts, holding onto our dreams and following our destinies. 


As Santiago embarks on a journey of self discovery, we are left with one important question ; do we do what it takes to follow our dreams? 



With its thought provokingly beautiful quotes, it's a book which will inspire and uplift your soul.